Web Performance Load Testerâ„¢, Version 4 (WPLT4) is the only web testing tool smart enough to tell you how many users your website can handle. Use another tool, and you’ll find yourself staring at charts for hours trying to figure it out—if you can even tell at all.

At the push of a button you can load test from the cloud to test the entire application stack, including the firewall, or generate load from inside your test lab to concentrate on server performance by itself.

Our detailed and configurable load testing reports are available in HTML format. And WPLT4’s Application State Managementâ„¢ feature analyzes your test case and configures dynamic variables for most websites automatically.

No scripting languages to learn

Our automated record and configuration process means no complicated hand-coding, and no scripting languages to learn. Web Performance software will cut your load testing time by up to 80%.

Internal or Cloud-based Load Generation

The latest version of Load Tester is most definitely our greatest. That’s because Load Tester 4 was designed to generate loads from both inside the network and outside the network using the Platform Lab cloud.

Enterprise-grade Load Tester 4 lets you see how your website performs from outside your network, without configuring complicated and pricey external load generators. And of course, as with all previous versions of Load Tester, no hand coding. Load Tester 4 is light years ahead of other web-based cloud load testers, and is capable of handling even the most complicated websites. Load Tester 4 automatically handles basic features like session tracking, VIEWSTATES and data customization with ease, and performs brilliantly with tons of other more important parameters. And it does it all at the push of a button.

Unlike web-based solutions, Web Performance Load Tester 4 is ideally suited for performance testing throughout your site’s development cycle. During the development phase, lab-based performance testing lets you check application performance and scalability without having to upload your site to the internet until it’s ready. When its time to deploy your site, Load Tester 4 lets you run the same test cases by generating load from outside the network to test the entire chain, from firewall to database.

Supported Technologies

WPLT3 works with your technology, on most platforms, including AJAX, Apache and httpd, PHP,Java and J2EE, IIS, ASP and .NET, and Virtualization.

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