Scapa Testing Tools

Scapa Test and Performance Platform is a Best-of-Breed Testing tool for Citrix, Terminal Services, Virtual Desktop and Remedy AR System.

Its capabilities include:

Load & Stress Testing

End-to-End Service Availability and Performance Monitoring

Functional and Regression Testing


Drive load into APIs, protocols, e.g. http, and GUIs via thin clients in ways that are indistinguishable to real users.

Mix and match APIS, protocols and GUI, all integrated, all in the same price.

Drive load from multiple locations, consistently and reliably

Deals transparently with Web, Remote Desktop and Connection Broker environments.

Dynamically control load with a slider – crank up the load and watch the system break.

Drive the GUI through Objects in Windows and Web Browsers

Handles dynamically-created objects from javascript in browsers

Validate system function through the GUI for functional and regression testing

Build tests through capture-replay

Collect systems performance data from the environment at runtime

Introduce variability to the users in controlled and automated ways

An enterprise product, dealing with environmental and security complexities, data volumes and analysis

For more information on Scapa Tech or their tools, please visit their website.