NeoLoad is the load testing software designed for web applications. Its exclusive technology allows you to carry out tests earlier and more frequently, thus ensuring a trouble-free deployment of all your Intranet and Internet applications.

– An intuitive and intelligent interface that makes testing your applications simple

– Advanced performance monitors that are integrated into the analysis process

– Even your most complex scenarios do not require script maintenance

– Supports all Web and Web 2.0 standards

– A range of services and training modules, and advice on hand to guide you

With its Live Profile Manager technology, NeoLoad creates a virtual user behavior that is extremely close to real conditions:

Bandwidth Manager: NeoLoad can simulate users connecting to the server on different bandwidths,such as dial-up, ADSL or local network connections.

IP Aliased: Architectures can be tested using load balancing by defining several IP addresses to be used by each load generator.

Ramp-up Policies: In one click, see the difference in your servers’ behavior as users connect: all at once, one after the other, or by time periods.

You can make your tests as comprehensive as you wish, taking into account every eventuality, thanks to our exclusive, easy to use, Smart Load technology:

Smart Schedule: Create NeoLoad populations with different user business profiles and vary the proportions of each to increase the number of test cases.

High Load Support: NeoLoad’s distributed architecture allows you to create extreme loads on your server (several thousand simultaneous virtual users).

Live Monitor: Follow your applications’ behavior under load in real time.

NeoLoad helps you pinpoint critical areas in your application that are at risk rapidly , with no need to purchase extra tools.

Template Manager: When analyzing results, you can save your favorite graphs as templates, in order to replot the same curves for subsequent tests. Preconfigured templates are also included to help you set up basic test graphs more quickly.

Quick Compare: NeoLoad provides a results comparison mode, included in the graphic interface, for you to compare performance results between tests instantly.

Resource Mapping,/b>: NeoLoad’s monitoring modules help you identify the causes of incidents, allowing you to correlate the behavior patterns of your application under load: its slowdowns or errors; and the state of the server components (databases, available power, I/O, services, memory used…).

For more information on Neotys or their test tools, please visit their website.