Smarte Soft

SmarteSoft will surcharge a fixed amount per week for use of tool set for extended use. Charges paid by Platform Lab client may be applied to a future purchase of an SmarteSoft product.

SmarteScript. Automated Functionality and Regression testing

Define business processes as modules. Greatly reduces the number of scripts

Click and Learn object acquisition technology to automate scripting. SmarteScript learns the object, no Record and Playback)

Automatically generate fully optimized (and editable) tests.

Generate GUI checkpoints for windows objects, text and bitmaps

Generate Database checkpoints.

Grid Visualization System. Objects and data collected and stored in a Grid System — no need to re-type to enter into new scripts. Allows easy point-and-click for all options: Positive, Negative, Random, Boundary.

Global Object Change Management (GCM). Eliminates reliance on centralized object repositories. Objects are stored within the Test itself, and which means unprecedented scalability and portability of Tests.

Global Detect and Update (GDU). Provides automated detection of object changes in the application under test with integrated update functionality.

Full Regression testing built into every auto-generated script.

Regression Manager — allows you to create and execute functional and regression tests in different sequences and order with automated checkpoints.

Auto-generated Reports complete reports, pass, fail, etc, including time measurements and a detailed description of expected versus actual.

SmarteLoad. Integrated Load and Performance testing (shares scripting capability with SmarteScript)

SmarteLoad™: enables you to test your applications and infrastructure to any desired load or performance level, and find out immediately where the limits of performance, and the bottlenecks, are in your systems. It provides you with transaction measurements, real-time performance analysis and self-generated performance reports.

Automated grid-driven testing – No programming required

Simulated Load Synopsis™ – SmarteLoad automatically simulates SimUser volumes on host generators participating in the Synopsis and the back-end environment (hosts, servers and networks)

Automatically generates performance measurements – SmarteLoad measures performance in real-time while simulating 24 x 7 synopsis and measuring real-time transaction response times

Ease of use – Test engineers may specify the required Transactions, SyncPoints™ in a test without tedious script changes/programming

Real-time Performance – SmarteLoad generates real-time execution graphs and analyses for tracking transactions, response times, throughput, and more

Remote server / Agent installation – SmarteLoad is the industry’s first load testing tool that allows remote host recognition, connection and remote agent installation on servers and hosts

Controller Module

Script Generator Module

Server Monitors

Application Monitors

SimUsers – based upon desired quantity

Analysis Module

Report Module

No scripting skills needed

SmarteLoad™’s AI engine does the heavy lifting for you, and generates all the necessary scripts automatically.

Easily re-use work done for functional test automation.

SmarteLoad™ is the only performance test tool which allows scripts to be shared with a functional test tool (SmarteScript™).

Do you already have test scripts using some other tool?

No problem. SmarteLoad™ is the only tool that can automatically convert existing functional and performance test scripts from other tools into Smarte form. Which means your existing test scripts can be used by SmarteLoad™ (and SmarteScript™). No rewrites necessary.