Pure Load

Since 1999, PureLoad® software has been helping companies from small businesses, to Global 500 corporations and wireless operators worldwide load-test and verify their web and wireless web applications and systems before deployment.

PureLoad ® load testing software is hardware and OS independent. No scripting or programming language is required. No advance training is required. The software is controlled from a GUI interface.

PureLoad ® works on a protocol level – simulating the traffic generated between the client and server. PureLoad ® is designed to be independent of the technology used on the server side.

Protocol Supported by PureLoad:

HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet, SSH, FTP, Network Utility (Echo, Ping, DSN Lookup, etc), LDAP, Database (JDBC), Mail/News (IMAP, POP3, SMTP, NNTP), IP POOL.

RADIUS, WAP, MMS, IMS Client (SIP), Streaming Client (RSP/RTP) & HTTP/SOAP.

With the Public Task API, PureLoad or users can develop any protocols not currently supported.

Highly Scalable:

Whether you need to test for 8 users, 800 users or 80,000 users, PureLoad can help.

Whether you need to generate a load test with a throughput of 1K/s, 1-MB/s, or 10-GB/s

PureLoad can help.

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