Regression Pak

RegressionPak Fixed Price Test Automation for UI and SOA Testing

RegressionPak is changing the way test automation is done today. Get ahead of the curve in test automation with RegressionPak from BIZEXC. RegressionPak is a proven methodology, delivered by experts in test automation.

Traditional approaches to test automation seldom meet the criteria in their original business case. With the RegressionPak from BIZEXC you can predict exactly the cost of test automation for your software development projects. A RegressionPak automation architect provides a no cost evaluation of your automation program and will provide specific recommendations and a fixed cost proposal to automate all of your UI and SOA components. With RegressionPak it is now possible for your team to meet and exceed the goals set for your automation projects.

RegressionPak uses an advanced test automation solution based on a Software Test Automation Modeling Language called Axe. Axe is integrated with the leading test automation tools on the market today such as Quality Center (QC) and Quick Test Pro (QTP). Axe is also integrated with open source tools WatiN, WatiR and Selenium.

Quicker Releases: RegressionPak delivers a solution to the “business backlog” situation facing the IT department by allowing rapid development of automated test cases. With RegressionPak your software quality team can concentrate on functional testing while the RegressionPak teams delivers results of regression testing in parallel. The result is software releases delivered quicker!

Superior Quality Releases: The combination of full regression testing in parallel with functional testing delivers software releases with fewer faults.

Customer Satisfaction: In today’s competitive marketplace where businesses compete for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy. RegressionPak delivers the solution that empowers your organization to construct software solutions that build loyal customers with improved service quality that surpass customer expectation.

Cost-effective: RegressionPak is a fixed price service, providing a near immediate ROI and an on-going sensible support contract which allows your company to meet its business requirements and exceed your time to market schedule. RegressionPak ensures your project is completed on time and without unanticipated charges or project overruns.

Automation Investment Protection: RegressionPak works in unison with your existing automated test cases and protects your previous investment in automation.

Low-risk and Future Proof: RegressionPak is a proven methodology that scales to thousands of automated test cases and protects your company’s investment. With RegressionPak you are no longer tied to one test execution platform.

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