AppLoader is an ACCURATE, AFFORDABLE load testing tool for truly functional load testing. It’s unique technology gives you freedom from complex protocol specific installations, while giving more flexibility and accurate results.

Load test ANY type of application from the true end user perspective regardless of protocol: Stress test any application, including Citrix, .NET, JAVA/J2EE, Legacy, Client Server, Web Services, ERP (Oracle, Siebel, Peoplesoft, SAP, etc), even your custom apps!

Absolutely No Scripting Language Necessary: Build your scenario script by simply selecting the actions that comprise your scenario.

Intelligent Technology Simulates the REAL User

AppLoader searches for and recognizes Windows Objects just as a real person would.

– Finds the icon or object even if the screen location has been changed.

– Waits for the icon to appear before proceeding so the script never gets desynchronized , even if the tested application becomes less responsive.

Meaningful Transactions: You can divide your scenario into meaningful transactions so that you can easily see what’s affected as load increases.,/p>

Complete Picture of Your Application: AppLoader also monitors all angles of your environment, so you can correlate load and response time with what is happening on your system, databases, network and even logs.

Also available for Healthcare applications

AppLoader Healthcare: an AFFORDABLE, ACCURATE solution for stress testing any critical healthcare application to see if it can handle the expected number of concurrent users at the expected level of performance.

Load testing from the actual end user perspective: simulates real user load activity for healthcare applications, so you can be confident of an application’s performance before bringing it into a live environment.

AppLoader Healthcare verifies that a new or upgraded application meets expected performance requirements by simulating hundreds or thousands of users accessing the application from multiple locations simultaneously.

It acts as actual end users to give a true and accurate picture of end to end performance from a real user’s standpoint – for example, an application’s performance while accessing radiology records, admitting a patient, or verifying a medication order.

Complete picture of your application: AppLoader also monitors all angles of your environment, so you can correlate load and response time with what is happening on your system, databases, network, and even logs.

Intuitive deployment, Rapid results: Its innovative scenario builder makes it easy to create any sequence of end user actions, without scripting. And a built-in reporter gathers test data into graphs and reports that matter for healthcare IT teams, so it’s easy to see which processes are affected at what level of load.

AppLoader supports ANY healthcare application, including Citrix environments and other major applications (Eclipsys, McKesson, Cerner, Epic, GE Healthcare, Meditech, etc), even your custom applications.

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