Visual Studio Team System 2008 Test Edition

– Provides a comprehensive suite of testing tools

– Web applications and services integrated in the Visual Studio environment

– Easy-to-use – comprehensive testing technology

– Enables testers to ensure the performance and quality of applications

– Reduces the complexity of the testing process

– Increases team productivity and team collaboration

Perform more accurate evaluations:

– Create more comprehensive test validation rules

– Bind additional data sources for more accuracy

– Real-world application evaluation using enhanced Web tests

Improve load-test management:

– Open or remove existing load-test results from the load-test repository

– Share imported and exported results files with other users

Understand application performance:

– Gain insight into application performance

– View summary load-test reports with a new load-test analyzer

Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool

– Provides reasonable simulation of activity against a web application or static web server

– Detailed test results including loading time pages

Microsoft System Stress for Windows

– Designed to realistically simulate multiple browsers requesting pages from a web site

– Gathers performance and stability information about your web application

Microsoft Virtual PC for Windows

– Software virtualization solution

– Allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation

– Provides a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications during migration to a new operating system

Microsoft Windows “Codename” Whistler

– Advanced Server Beta 2

– Advanced Server Beta 2 Checked/Debug Build

– Customer Support Diagnostics Beta 2

– Professional Edition Checked/Debug Build Beta 2

– Server Beta 2

For more information on Microsoft or their test tools, please visit their website.