Cloud Computing Resources

The mission of Platform Lab is to provide IT test infrastructure resources at low rates and allow our clients to gain a competitive advantage by conducting thorough testing at minimal investment.

Utilize Cloud computing resources in a controlled project or test environment to:
Validate cloud applications without risk Conduct scalability testing with minimum investment
Utilize cloud computational power on-demand Practice VM failover for applications that require high availability
Validate existing applications in a cloud environment Demonstrate VMware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV in an independent lab
Physical or remote access available on-demand Private test lab environment allows for greater client control
The Platform Lab Cloud provides the best value in the industry for IT projects and testing:
Available to any firm, anywhere, nearly anytime Allocation of a complete project and test environment in minutes
Reduction of cost of hardware and setup for our clients Provide scalability of IT test resources on-demand
Offer VMware vSphere and Microsoft HyperV for demonstration purposes Combine with our flexible bandwidth capability for optimum Web Load Testing
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