The easiest to use and most affordable of the enterprise class load testing tools.

The version of QTest for rental through Platform Lab includes the following modules:

QTest Transaction Capture – Recording of client transactions(test script)

QTest Script Editor – Adjustment of test scripts

Quotium Center – Test configuration and control console

QTest Executer – Multiple load Injectors/ Load Emulator

QTest Monitors – Unlimited number of performance collectors to monitor all application’s and components

QTest Anomalies Profiler – Automatic detection of anomalies based on a fully customizable engine

QTest Report Designer – Creates report templates and automatically generates test reports

Winload for QTest:

This optional QTest module allows running load tests on any application (simulation not based on protocol) and provides correlated results with all other performance data available in the Quotium console.

For more information on Quotium Technologies or their QTest, please visit their website.