Paessler Webstress
Paessler Webserver Stress Tool Enterprise Edition

Available to Platform Lab clients to generate an unlimited number of concurrent users on Windows platforms.

Comprehensive HTTP-client/server test application designed to pinpoint critical issues in your webserver that may prevent optimal performance.

Simulates the HTTP requests generated by users, to test webserver performance under normal and excessive loads to ensure that critical information and services are available at speeds your end-users expect.

Detailed test logs and graphs

Benchmark almost any webserver application including static pages, JSPs/ASPs and CGIs for performance, load, and stress-tests.

Paessler IP Check Server Monitor Enterprise

Windows-based software and multi-platform ASP service monitors critical network resources and detects network and website failures or performance problems.

Remotely accessible via a web based interface

Client notification via email, ICQ, or pager/SMS, etc.

Paessler Site Inspector Site License

Comprehensive set of website and webpage analysis tools integrated with Internet Explorer

Site Inspector’s toolbar and menu items to the context menu provide analysis functions and provide structure and background information about website.

Provides analysis features for all aspects of a website, including HTML code, images, forms, and scripts.

Functions to check the links, performance and HTML validity of a page

Provides source code of the current webpage, frameset, CSS files and scripts is accessible through drop down menus

Accesses current global traffic ranking

Illustrates all images, forms, stylesheets, and scripts; frameset’s HTML and a list of frames; HTTP header, structured view of the HTML source, highlight all tables, table cells and DIV tags

Copies page URL, page title, or page source, lists of all URLs of a webpage to the clipboard

Resizes the browser to various standard screen sizes

Various online tools including “ping the server”, “traceroute the server”, “show domain owner”, “W3C markup validation”

Paessler Router Traffic Grapher (PRTG)

Windows software that monitors bandwidth usage and other network parameters via SNMP

Creates a monitoring station for SNMP enabled networks

Logs the amount of data flowing through routers, monitor CPU utilization, or check disk space usage

Provides monitoring of bandwidth usage of leased lines, routers, and firewalls

Provides monitoring of SNMP enabled servers, managed switches, printers, and other network components

Paessler No Spam Today!

Server based spam filter that protects any SMTP mail server against spam

Proxy server based spam filter that sits between the internet and your mail server

Adds a filtering report to spam mails according to your configuration

Accepts incoming emails from the open Internet, scans them and marks, redirects, or deletes all spam emails before they can reach a user’s mailbox.

For more information on Paessler or their tools, please visit their website.