Infrastructure On-demand for Testing & Projects

Platform Lab clients range from small start-up businesses to global enterprises. Our infrastructure and pricing allow us to affordably serve any company, anywhere. To-date, 60% of our business is out-of-state and 90% of business is conducted remotely.

Consulting Partners

Win business – by incorporationg Platform Lab resources into your offering. Over 40 IT consulting firms leverage Platform Lab.

Software Development

Prove solutions to win client business. Over 30 software firms leverage Platform Lab.

National Retailers

The best value and highly flexible – load test capability in America. Over 15 national retailers utilize Platform Lab.


Fulfill HIPAA requirements with minimal investment. Over 20 healthcare organizations utilize Platform Lab.


Prove solutions affordably at our independent IT test lab. Over 15 finance and insurance firms utilize Platform Lab.


Conduct projects with minimal investment. Platform Lab serves over 10 Government organizations.