SilkPerformer Datasheet

SilkPerformer® is a proven, powerful and easy-to-use load and stress testing solution for optimizing the performance of business applications. Easy-to-create, accurate and realistic tests simulate tens or even tens of thousands of IT system users in a wide range of enterprise environments and platforms. The tests isolate issues and bottlenecks that could impact reliability, performance and scalability. Intuitive diagnostic and analysis capabilities help resolve the issue quickly, reducing test-and-fix cycles, accelerating time-to-market, and supporting critical release decisions related to application performance. To further reduce costs and promote more testing by more people, SilkPerformer removes the usage restrictions common in other solutions with its flexible, sharable deployment model.

Reduced R&D costs. Minimize test and fix cycles and better utilize expensive resources

Improved ROI. Provide greater access to test creation and execution for more team members and support a higher number of virtual users per box

Leverage current investments. Reduce your investment in multiple tools and training, exploit new technologies and maintain business confidence even as technologies change

Quick user adoption. Discover ease of use with step-by-step workflow wizards

SilkPerformer Citrix Datasheet

More than 200,000 customers trust Citrix solutions to support their critical business applications. Surprisingly, many Citrix deployments are inadequately tested for scalability and load – risking business failure! High cost, limited time, inadequate skills, and inaccurate results are reasons often cited for bypassing performance testing. SilkPerformer® removes these barriers with the following advantages for Citrix testing:

Deep integration with Citrix and unique end-user-focused Citrix support

A proven, fast and efficient interface for test development by novice and experienced users

Realistic, data-driven, cost-effective test environments that optimize test hardware usage

Uncomplicated packaging, pricing and usage models

SilkPerformer Remedy Datasheet

The Remedy® Action Request System® is BMC Software’s Service Support Management application. The business requirement for the implementation of a Service Support Management system is to provide rapid response capability to support user need and to meet demanding Service Level Agreements. It is vital that the performance levels of the management system are of a high standard to meet these demands. BMC state Remedy ARS benefits include:

Fast installation and deployment

Cross-platform support

Low cost of application maintenance

High scalability

Ease of customization

SilkPerformer SOA Datasheet

SilkPerformer® SOA Edition is a powerful – yet easy-to-use – tool for testing the server-side software components of SOA-based applications, even under realistic server conditions. Its visual interface enables even QA personnel with no programming knowledge to test the functionality, interoperability and performance of these components early in development. Potential problems can be identified and fixed before they become realities, avoiding the time and expense of redevelopment while ensuring the quality of multi-tier applications. Whether SOA components are built in .NET or Java, SilkPerformer SOA Edition has a version to help close the gap between your development and QA teams.

Unit/component validation: assures individual services work properly in the developer’s environment

Functionality: ensures that services actually meet business expectations and deliver value from an end-user perspective

Performance: makes certain that Web services perform well under heavy, concurrent usage

Interoperability: makes sure that Web services continue working as designed when combined with other services individually or under load conditions

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