OpenLoad™ Tester V6.0

OpenLoad™ Tester V6.0 is the industry’s first easy to use, browser based, performance optimization solution for functional and load testing as well as performance monitoring of dynamic Web applications and services.


OpenLoad™ substantially minimizes the time and skill set required to load test and tune the performance of Web based applications and services by simplifying the process of building real-world user scenarios, verifying expected functional behavior through automated regression testing and pinpointing performance bottlenecks within Web applications and IT infrastructure from both inside and outside the firewall; offering application development and testing teams the ability to perform fast and productive performance optimization of enterprise Web applications and services.

OpenLoad Express – designed for small teams testing Web sites, applications and services with enterprise-level load testing requirements and medium sized workloads; capable of simulating up to 750 virtual users.

OpenLoad Advanced – designed for medium to large size organizations testing Web sites, applications and services with enterprise-level load testing and monitoring and large workloads; capable of simulating thousands of virtual users.

OpenLoad On Demand – designed for any size organization requiring pay-as-you-go or subscription-based load testing with term licensing options for testing inside and outside the firewall; capable of simulating any number of virtual users. This is a perfect option for System Integrators or software development firms that need to test on a project basis.

OpenLoad™ is the easiest way to optimize the performance of your Web applications and services.

Simple Four-Step Optimization Process – OpenLoad™ enables you to quickly uncover opportunities to improve the performance of your applications and IT infrastructure within minutes.

Script Free Recorder – OpenLoad™ goes beyond simply recording your Web traffic, it actually inspects the contents of each response and parameterizes the appropriate session variables (e.g. JESSIONID, VIEWSTATE, CFTOKEN, etc.) for you automatically, thereby eliminating the need for complex scripting and debugging. Now you can effortlessly build complex data driven user scenarios in minutes. The OpenLoad™ Recorder includes full support for cookie based session management, JavaScript, Java applets, SOAP, XML, Flash, DHTML, frames, pop-up windows, redirects, SSL, form based authentication, basic authentication, integrated windows authentication (NTLM), Oracle Forms, .Net WebForms and more. All without the need for continuous scripting, debugging and maintenance rework.

Simplified Performance Analysis – OpenLoad™’s reporting and analysis tools take all of the guess work and complexity out of identifying performance bottlenecks by automatically flagging problem areas within your application and providing recommendations for areas that require further investigation. The OpenLoad™ Analysis engine automatically correlates user, application and server side metrics into a single simplified reporting view that is categorized by application performance, availability, reliability, scalability and capacity. This approach enables you to more effectively pinpoint resource contention issues within the various tiers of your application, including Web, application and database servers.

Anytime-Anywhere Access – Use your favorite browser to access all aspects of your load testing projects, including user scenario recording, test configuration, scheduling, reporting and analysis, and user license management. With OpenLoad™ you can centralize and manage concurrent load testing projects across multiple teams and geographic locations allowing for real-time synchronization and collaboration between developers, testers and administrators in different locations, resulting in faster problem resolution and application deployment. This helps eliminate travel expenses for all testing personnel, since organizations can leverage testing expertise from any location, anytime, and enables you to centralize administration across your enterprise.

OpenLoad™ offers unprecedented levels of realism by leveraging tried and proven technologies and open industry standards.

Metrics you can Trust,/b> – OpenLoad™ sets new standards in real-world user simulation by leveraging the same Web technology that powers the most widely used middleware and database platforms on the market today.

Real-world User Emulation,/b> – OpenLoad™ provides extensive configuration of user defined page timeouts, think times, browsers, platforms, connection speeds, cookies, cache settings, SSL, page retries, user scenario iterations, virtual user ramping, IP spoofing and much more.

True End-User View – OpenLoad™’s allows you to view the actual HTML or XML responses returned from the server during recording and playback to ensure the accurate display of content and timing of events from the end-user’s true perspective.

Automatic Content Verification – OpenLoad™ automatically performs a series of content verification checks using a powerful set of pre-built Regular Expression patterns to ensure your website is returning proper page content under load.

OpenLoad™ raises the bar in scalability by leveraging the combined power, performance and best of breed software to generate more virtual users per machine than any other stress testing tool on the market.

Unlimited Capacity – OpenLoad™ scales On Demand to reliably generate tens of thousands of virtual users across multiple machines to meet your largest simulation requirements.

Small Footprint – Each Virtual User footprint is less than 30KB, which enables greater load generation on existing hardware infrastructure. Savings on infrastructure can be used to fund testing at higher user loads.

Minimal Intrusion – OpenLoad™ uses agent-less SNMP and RSTAT monitors to poll system resource statistics from multiple tiers of your system with minimal impact to performance.

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