Performance Tooling

Keeping applications and systems running is the most important task a DBA has and is made more difficult when the business functions add applications that tax systems and databases. With the pressure to do more with less resources you can:

Perform deep dive root cause analysis and diagnostics to alleviate bottlenecks Proactively run spike analysis to catch problem areas before they impact business Provide clear forensic evidence that pinpoints problems and identifies changes across databases, RAC clusters, snapshots, time frames and more Gain insight into systems at the sub-second evel to identify hard to find problem areas


Built with performance in mind, Enteros allows companies to maximize their IT investments, support business agility and enable growth. The company’s software solutions are valued throughout the world’s most demanding and dynamic industries by IT executives, operations, business management and DBAs to guarantee the highest levels of productivity, reduce risk and costs, and ensure greater customer satisfaction.

UpBeat Production Suite

Grid2Go: proactive, fine-grain, multi-application performance problem identification
Supports Oracle, DB2, MYSQL and Custom Collectors (Shell)

DBAct: real-time performance problem remediation of databases
Supports Oracle

Performance Explorer-i: advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of databases
Supports Oracle

High Load Capture: advanced performance analysis for root cause, change impact and scalability of multi-tiered applications
Supports Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MYSQL, J2EE, .Net, SNMP and Custom Collectors (Shell)

Load2Test Framework

Enteros provides a complete software suite for production performance management that gives you the ability to:

Identify performance bottlenecks and perform deep root cause analysis

Diagnose, contain, and remediate using a common language

Perform correlation analysis across platforms, database clusters and entire stack

Load test with real data capture and integrated root-cause analysis for tuning

Supports most commonly used hardware platforms, OS, databases, Application Servers, load test scripting and

Load2Test Team Space – Web Based

Load2Test Citrix

Load2Test ADO.NET

Connections to the database directly are no longer needed as communications within the middle tier of ADO.NET calls from applications to data sources are now available. Load2Test can easily and efficiently find the location of the ADO.NET calls and identify them for immediate remediation, ensuring little to no downtime.

Load2Test ZeroDev

Analyzes production database and application network traffic and easily converts this information into load tests, load testing scenarios and resources.
Supports Oracle, Oracle Forms, SQL Server, Sybase, MYSQL and HTTP

Load2Test Cloud

Supports Platform Lab cloud infrastructure.

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