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Competitive Testing

Platform Lab performs unbiased testing of competing hardware and software products. Tests are performed on behest of varying group of clients from product vendors, potential purchasers, trade groups or interested 3rd parties. Regardless of the test sponsor, Platform Lab will release factual results allowing any party to draw their own conclusions.

  • Usability Testing

    When you want to find out how non-partisan observer views usability of your product, Platform Lab staff will perform the evaluation and compare it against usability of select competitor products

  • Package Testing

    Platform Lab staff will test software packaging and the overall install experience, comparing experience to competition. This will allow you to make any last minute changes prior to product release.

  • Stress Testing

    When knowing limits of competing products is important, clients turn to Platform Lab for unbiased evaluation. This allows the client to make an informed choice, be it for product purchase or product improvement.

  • Trade Association Testing

    Platform Lab list of clients includes various trade association interested in competitive product metrics. The commissioned test results are often used by the organisation for product recommendation to its members.

  • Software Quality Assurance Testing

    Software quality assurance testing is most often requested by clients prior to actual competitive analysis. This allows client to make improvements to the product prior to its official release and subsequent competitive testing by Platform Lab.

  • Quality and Performance Mark

    This particular testing is vital part of any quality product on the market. With quality and performance mark testing performed by Platform Lab, clients can learn a wealth of information about their product compared to its competition.

Our Testing Results

  • Backup Benchmark Comparison

    Data Protection in a Large-scale Virtual Environment. A head-to-head comparison of Veritas NetBackup and Competitor ā€œEā€.

    completed June 17th, 2016

    • Backup VMs on average of 45% faster
    • Concurrent recovery of VMs in up to 47% less time
    • Simplified and shortened protection window for application VMs

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Platform Lab test preparation, infrastructure and reports

All competitive tests performed by Platform Lab are designed to mimic the real world as close as possible and to compare only like capabilities (apples to apples comparison). Furthermore, Platform Lab prides itself on its impartiality. At no time will Platform Lab shade the truth produced by its test and its reports will reflect that.

Customers can rely on Platform Lab to design and administer all the test impartially and with unassailable integrity. We will share all of our unadulterated results with the customer, and if the customer wishes we will publish detailed competitive report to the public at large.