Proof-of-Concept Testing Evaluate Your Solutions First

Platform Lab refers to “Proof-of-concept” evaluations as any type of test performed at the Lab when the client does not know if the end result will work in their production environment, so they choose to prove — or disprove — the solution at Platform Lab.

Prime Examples Include:

Proving Your Technology Solution

will work for your potential new client, when they do not want you proving it in their environment

Discovering the Optimum Infrastructure

for your existing platforms — at an independent test facility that does not have political stake in the outcome

Discovering What Infrastructure

is necessary to go from supporting 50 Citrix sessions with 200 users to 1000 Citrix session with 5000 users

Discovering What Your Web Application Looks Like

with 7 different operations system and 15 different browsers

Discovering the Steps Required

to move from a Citrix to .NET environment

Discovering If That New Expensive Price

you paid for software/hardware will work as the vendor promised

Discovering If That New Client-Facing Software

Application will work prior to letting the client work with it

Discovering How Well Prepared Your Team

is when you are getting hacked

Discovering How Well Protected

Protect your network during an ethical hack

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