Why Load & Performance Testing? Good Performance Makes the Difference

Why Load & Performance Testing? Good Performance Makes the Difference

On the World Wide Web, every millisecond counts. Netizens bring just three seconds of patience to load a site. Around 80 percent of visitors no longer come back, and you lose the potential businesses.

System performance and timing play a significant role in most IT systems. They strongly influence the success of a company. In internal business operations, long waits can cost a company significant sums.

If the software goes to slow mode again, many users tend to switch temporarily to other applications. At best, the employee loses the zapping time. A poorly running system can bring to stumble the business of any company.

Many online retailers reported that only 100 milliseconds slower website could decrease sales by one percent. The search engine giant Google has recognized that users move rather quickly on sites. For this reason, the speed of a website even has an impact on Google’s ranking since of 2010.

Google discovered through internal testing that a delayed presentation of search results for a few 100 milliseconds have an adverse impact on the number of searches. Half a second delay can further reduce the percentage to 20 percent. A good performance is, therefore, crucial to success for any web applications.

Even from daily life in the private sphere, we have known this. It interferes when the navigation app sometimes gets slow in the drive, and you get hooked. Performance and stability are non-functional requirements of a system. Unfortunately, these requirements are too often paid little attention.

We should not gamble with the success of our ideas. Have we achieved the goal of the widespread and intensive use of our product? Good performance is not optional, but business critical. Regular load and performance tests in the software development process are an essential prerequisite. For the smooth functioning of the program, the individual components must be perfectly matched. With load and performance tests, it can be checked whether the interaction of the application with users is providing the desired result or not.

Load and performance test for profit maximization

The test results of load and performance tests show early indication of risks and provide information about existing capacities and system-critical situations. Therefore, they should be integrated in the sense of agile operation during the development phase of the testing process.

In addition, performance tests not only contribute to a satisfactory result. They also help to cut additional investment in infrastructure, hardware and licensing costs to prevent and protect against primarily the total failure of the system. So they end up saving even money and increase profits.

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