Improve the Efficiency of Your Tests With Platform Lab Proven Track Record

Improve the Efficiency of Your Tests With Platform Lab Proven Track Record

Are your costs are too high and the duration of tests is too long for the delivery of high-quality software? You need to guarantee that your web applications and software can perform well with increasing traffic? Do you have problems with finding test environments, which allow you to be confident of your software deliveries?

As a Product Manager, do you need Enterprise tools and services that you cannot refer to local and specialized development company? Improve the efficiency of your tests through the use of proven technologies, tools and competent testing resources of Platform Lab. Strengthen your business with better testing support. The test automation capabilities of Platform Lab enable quicker product delivery and long-term cost reduction.

You will get benefit from the following services:

Web hosting and cloud migration tests

Includes test strategy and implementation of systems that switch to a different environment and resistant preservation tests of applications in a hosted or cloud environment for performance, sanity, functional or regression testing.

Application stress testing

You can measure how the system reacts to specific transactions to determine the output behavior of a system at normal, peak and maximum load. It also includes support in establishing non-functional requirements for systems.

Product tests

Runs test cases and cycles through to validate business and system requirements.

Automation tests

Our platform provides speed and efficiency through the development and transformation of manual function, sanity or regression test cases.

Management of the test environment

Platform Lab helps to establish best practices for the administration of the environment configuration and automates the installation of code in development, test, and production environments. So time, expense and problems associated with manual processes are reduced.

With Platform Lab test services, you can devote more time to the development of strategies, design, planning, execution and ongoing management of your applications and infrastructure.

Shorter time to market

Ask fast powerful software. Use tools and techniques that have been identified in the test phase to obtain a focused, functional test strategy that enables high-quality software and production in a shorter period. Use automation logic and installations in order to avoid impact on production due to environmental problems. The same approaches can be used during migrations in hosting or cloud environments.

Cost and budget control

Reduce costs with acceptable quality. Leverage tools and expertise to automate processes around installation to create automated regression suites and apply focused test techniques for functional testing to reduce the manual effort considerably, thereby reducing project or environment migrations and costs.

Bridge resource and skill gaps

With its technical expertise in the field of testing techniques, Platform Lab has practical experience in the implementation of focused tests that may help in the load testing, experience with industry leading complex tools for performance, testing, and expertise in Web-validation and automated framework creation. All this can be used in a cloud or hosted environment or as part of improvements in environment management.

Eliminate production problems

Deliver the quality that is required to support the end-user community before production deployment. Use to detect automated regression suites to problems before publication. Avoid problems in the production and tune applications by using performance skills and tools. Both performance and automated regression can be used as an aid in migration or to preserve in hosting or cloud environments.


Platform Lab has partnerships in place with over 15 software firms to provide our clients with the best selection of capabilities and price points of load test testing tools.


Platform Lab is affiliated with over 150 IT consulting firms that can evaluate client needs, offer test strategies and conduct testing.

Platform Lab responds to IT complexity with comprehensive IT consulting and implementation services that foster innovation, increase agility, reduce by an increased efficiency costs and so provide a competitive advantage. Clients from across the globe utilize Platform Lab to provide the essential hardware, software, and bandwidth required for all types of load and stress testing.