Better Preparation for the Unexpected for Disaster Recovery Testing

Better Preparation for the Unexpected for Disaster Recovery Testing

The global markets of today demand a seamless delivery of service and even the short downtime can adversely affect the competitiveness of your business seriously. A reliable emergency plan is essential for this reason.

The comprehensive range of Platform Lab’s disaster recovery services has been specially created with the aim to minimize the impact of unforeseen events and at the same time to keep your business running. We judge and evaluate your current IT environment, create a robust DR strategy and technology deployment and provide ongoing support for all your testing needs.

Our portfolio of DR solutions and strategies includes the following services and support programs, reduce downtime due to incidents to a minimum and not adversely affect your business operations:

Disaster recovery strategy

set a comprehensive, expandable DR strategy and an associated program, including governance, processes, technology, design and project plans that are required in the introduction.

Activation of the disaster recovery

Deployment and activation of DR program. Our team will help you design, supply, implementation and monitoring of your infrastructure landscape as well as the migration of application services, while we prepare a DR plan document and corresponding methods.

Auditing and failover testing for disaster recovery

An evidence-based examination, which extends over many dimensions and ensures that your testing DR solution meets the needs of your business.

Disaster recovery assessment

Review your current strategy of your program and your leadership practices you use to DR, identification of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to use new technologies or reduce DR costs.

We set up the environment to your specifications, at no charge. You then rent the utilization of this environment.

  • Fulfill HIPAA and SOX regulations
  • Thoroughly document procedures without time constraints
  • Discover required resources before creating your host site plan
  • Exercise your plan locally, avoiding travel cost, hassle, and risk
  • Test 24/7/365 at your convenience, on your schedule
  • Efficient cost structure provides for outstanding value
  • Better preparation of the staff of problems and their solutions during unexpected downtime
  • Improve your brand value and your reputation through reliable service for unforeseen events
  • Development, deployment, assessment and certification of infrastructure
  • Written elaboration of a disaster recovery plan

Over 60 firms and organizations utilize Platform Lab to prove and troubleshoot their disaster recovery plan process. Please review our hardware list and software and email us the types of servers, tape drives and storage your disaster recovery plan exercise will require.