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Published June 17th, 2016

Veritas Benchmark

  • Product Comparison Testing

    Platform Lab experts and engineers will design and implement impartial tests best suited for fair and unbiased comparison of your product

  • High-Precision Quality

    Test data will be collected by Platform Lab engineers for all possible aspects of the tests and of best possible precision and quality

  • Data Analysis

    Collected test data will be analysed by experts at Platform Lab. Resulting analysis will be used to form objective and impartial conclusions of your product and its competitors

  • Recommendations

    Platform Lab will provide you with a variety of valuable recommendations for your product based on analysis and conclusions drawn by its panel of experts

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Load & Stress Testing

Learn the limits of your hardware and software

  • Regression And Functionality Testing

    Platform Lab will devise, implement and perform test, enabling you to learn of any regressions that may have snuck in, or validate expected functionality


  • Automated Testing

    Programmers and engineers at Platform Lab will design and implement tests enabling you to run them with a click of a button and at a time of your choosing

  • User Acceptance Testing

    Final phase software testing performed by staff at Platform Lab, making sure your software application is ready to see the light of day


  • Performance Testing

    Rigorous tests implemented and performed by Platform Lab staff, designed to test the performance and test limits of your software and/or hardware.

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Consulting & Implementation

Make world class expertise part of your team

  • Flexibility

    Platform Lab provides full gamut of services 24/7 allowing us to work with, and for you, at the time of your choosing


  • Data Warehousing

    Burgeoning amounts of data put and ever increasing amount of stress on the existing IT infrastructure. Allow Platform Lab to help alleviate this burden, be it on-site or in the cloud

  • Hardware and Software Deployment

    Keeping pace with software and hardware advances requires occasional major uplift to the existing IT infrastructure. Platform Lab and its staff will enable to accomplish even most arduous upgrades seamlessly and with minimal downtime


  • Advice and Education

    Leverage unparalleled wealth of knowledge and expertise of Platform Lab staff to gain valuable advice that will shape your business’ IT infrastructure and expand the knowledge of your entire IT staff

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Hardware & Software

We partner with top vendors on the market to get you best pricing and value for your hardware & software needs.

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