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Platform Lab provides your company with the capability to augment your current project nvironment on a project by project basis.
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Scalability, load
& stress testing
Load and stress testing of website and client/server applications accounts for the largest test segment of Platform Lab clients.
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Hosting Services
If you need long-term access to infrastructure for your next development project, host and test at Platform Lab.
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Cloud Computing Resources

The mission of Platform Lab is to provide IT test infrastructure resources at lowest rates and allow our clients to gain a competitive advantage by conducting thorough testing at minimal investment.

  • - Validate cloud applications without risk
  • - Conduct scalability testing with minimum investment
  • - Utilize cloud computational power on-demand
  • - Practice VM failover for applications that require high availability
  • - Validate existing applications in a cloud environment
  • - Demonstrate VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft HyperV
  • - Utilize our powerful Self-Service Portal to Manage your VMs
  • - Physical or remote access available on-demand
  • - Private test lab environment allows for greater client control
Scalability, Load & Stress Testing

Load and stress testing of website and client/server applications accounts for the largest test segment of Platform Lab clients. Clients from across the globe utilize Platform Lab to provide the key hardware, software and bandwidth required for all types of load and stress testing as well as for Production level Cloud and Infrastructure as a Service Hosting.

The primary reasons firms seem out Platform Lab to be their load test resource are:

Clients may request dedicated bandwidth from 1 Mb to multiple 10 Gb.

Cost effectiveness

Platform Lab can allocate the hardware and bandwidth for much less than most any internal or external resource.


Platform Lab is affiliated with over 150 IT consulting firms that can evaluate client needs, offer test strategies and conduct testing.


Platform Lab can provide bandwidth for purpose of testing in per Mb per day increments, and client may request varying bandwidth for every day of their test.


Platform Lab has partnerships in place with over 15 software firms to provide our clients with the best selection of capabilities and price points of load test testing tools.

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